A 360˚ Look at the Rondel Experience - Rondel

A 360˚ Look at the Rondel Experience

From design to production to the online user experience, every part of Rondel is purposeful. Rondel empowers people to share their journeys through unique charm jewelry, which starts with an expressive creative process and a place to explore, discover and build.

Whether you’re interested in a curated style, building your new heirloom from scratch or reimagining a vintage charm, Rondel has a way for you to create a product of quality, style and profound meaning that can be worn, cherished and passed down for generations. Read on for an in-depth look into how the Rondel experience works.

The Curated Collection

Necklaces designed by founder Lindsey Boyd herself. Inspired by stories and people she has personally encountered; this diverse collection has something for everyone. You just have to find the piece that speaks to you…

Explore the curated collection

Build Your Own

One-of-a-kind product requires a one-of-a-kind experience. Start by selecting the necklace or bracelet style that reflects you most and start personalizing with an interactive jewelry journaling tool that allows you to build your new heirloom from scratch. Select from an assortment of charms, lockets and hardware that render your story and see it take life in real time right before your eyes.

Start Building Your Story

The Charms & Lockets

There are so many ways to tell a story, so we believe in providing you with every opportunity to tell yours in its entirety. With a selection of 124 charms and lockets, decorated with diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, hand-engraving or one of 40 shades of vitreous enamel, it’s easy to build something unique to you (except when you run into the issue of wanting them all!)

Discover Charms & Lockets

The Bespoke Studio

Put your own stamp on your Rondel piece with the help of our Bespoke Studio. Co-design a style with Lindsey, customize a locket with a family crest or reimagine – or Rondelize – a vintage charm to include. No matter the vision, we are here to help you realize it.

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Now… you’re ready

Explore. Shop. Build. Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary with a hand-engraved heart charm, incorporating a turquoise elephant to remember a special trip or marking your boss status with a diamond encrusted BOSS charm, Rondel gives you the power and the product to tell your story through style.