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Behind the Scenes

The Woman.
The Myth.
The Legend.

Lindsey has always cherished things passed down to her – from old photographs, to holiday traditions to family heirlooms. When she inherited her grandmother Irma’s charm bracelet, she was struck by its ability to represent Irma and the life she lived. Wearing it felt like honoring her memory.

The business of sporting the solid gold charm bracelet was a little tough, so Lindsey turned it into a more modern, more wearable necklace. People began stopping her on the street to ask where she got it. Although disappointed that the answer wasn’t a particular brand, everyone loved hearing the story behind the necklace.

The spirit of the reimagined heirloom and the connections sparked by it are what drove Lindsey to create Rondel – a medium where people can share their own stories by way of a stunning assortment of fine jewelry.

What’s in a Name?

Rondel [rändl] is derived from the French word “rond” meaning “round.” The name was chosen as a nod to connections between people and across cultures, and the idea that all things come full circle. This idea can be seen throughout the brand – from the logo to the rounded shapes of the jewelry to the nature of the ethically sourced materials used.

Plus… Lindsey loves all things French!

The Camo Explained

First thing’s first, Lindsey loves camo. Originally manufactured as a way to camouflage or blend into the surroundings, the pattern in the fashion world is used as a way to stand out. The juxtaposition of hiding vs. revealing is something that Lindsey was drawn to, so… she created her own Rondel camo! Look closely and you’ll see an artful combination of shapes from Irma’s original charm collection mixed with the forms of Lindsey’s own charms. The combination unveils Lindsey’s story, her heritage + her own journey, hidden within the pattern. What shapes do you see?

Talk to the Hand

There is something to be said about things made by hand. They hold a level of importance and personal touch that can’t be matched. Rondel charms and lockets are all hand-drawn by Lindsey in her studio, so each piece is thoughtfully designed and comes straight from her heart.

Artisan Craftmanship

In a world consumed by fast fashion, trends with short life cycles and mass production, we’ve seemingly lost the ability to see the beauty behind longevity and appreciate the art behind superior craftsmanship. Did you know a lot of the fine jewelry sold today is not made by hand but in factories? Like an heirloom in itself, the practice of handcrafting jewelry is a tradition passed down, often times, for generations.

She Wears Many Hats

Founder. Creative Director. Designer. Stylist. The list goes on… From inception, design and product development to styling, sales and marketing, Lindsey has a hand in every part of the Rondel world. It’s 100% Lindsey’s vision! Everything you shop, every picture you see, every word you read and every style you love reflects Lindsey’s story and her style.

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