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For a limited time, collaborate directly with our founder to design your own Rondel piece. With a nod to your story and your style, Lindsey will share inspirational insights and design details that will help you build the perfect piece together.

Limited appointments available!

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What Makes
Rondel Unique?

Our charms hold multiple meanings and are handcrafted using 18 karat gold where applicable. They often reflect a literal love of the piece by you or a loved one, but also can be representative of an affinity for its symbolic nature like our butterfly represents metamorphosis and beauty.

Hand-Drawn Designs
Ethically-Sourced Materials
Timeless Storytelling

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Designed by Rondel

Holds So Much Meaning

Between the quality, the stunning matte gold finish and the large scale of the chains and charms, Rondel has every other jewelry brand out there beat. My necklace is visually stunning but also holds so much meaning to me. I feel like when people compliment it – and there have been so many compliments (!) – they are complimenting me, because it is a jewelry depiction of my story and my personal style. I wear and cherish it every day. I hope to someday pass it down to a family member just like the story of Irma and Lindsey.

Carrie, New York, New York

Incredible Quality

I’ve been searching for the perfect gold necklace with my initials for a long time. I wanted a piece that I could wear everyday as well as dress up… I’ve not taken my necklace off. The quality and design are incredible.

Kayon, New York, New York

A Nod to My Passions

I cherish my Rondel heirloom, which combines gorgeous new charms that nod to my passion for flowers, my birthstone and my Sephardic heritage – along with treasured family charms from when my children were born. I cannot wait to add to my necklace with new charms over time that continue to tell my story.

Sarina, Miami, Florida

True Treasures

I have been searching for the right charm necklace for years! I am very particular about what fine jewelry I wear, and when I saw Rondel, I knew this was exactly what I wanted! The chain is one of the best I have ever seen, and the quality of each charm is breathtaking. They are true treasures. I wear my necklace everyday – it brings me so much happiness! Thank you for bringing Rondel into this world!

Blair, Darien, Connecticut

The Evolution
of Rondel

Finding the bracelet slightly cumbersome to wear, Lindsey dialed in on her fashion expertise to reimagine the charm bracelet as a necklace – more modern and wearable, yet still maintaining deep-seated personalization and sentimental value. In a world encapsulated by social media and fast fashion, Lindsey set out on a mission to call on everyday people around the world to slow down and remember the beauty behind longevity, authenticity and heritage with a new kind of heirloom. And thus, Rondel came to be.