Our Founder - Rondel

Our Founder

Lindsey Boyd

At the forefront of the company and spearheading design is Lindsey Julia Boyd, an entrepreneur and the co-founder behind The Laundress with an eye for style and deep roots in the fashion world due to her career beginnings at CHANEL.

A true New Yorker, Lindsey grew up in a close-knit family led by an effortlessly chic matriarch, her grandmother Irma. No matter the ensemble, regardless of the occasion, a much-loved charm bracelet always graced Irma’s wrist. The piece was decorated with hand engraved gold charms gifted to her by her husband, each marking an anniversary or special event. Upon inheriting this precious family heirloom, Lindsey found herself viewing the bracelet through a new lens, appreciating the nostalgia that generational jewelry evokes. Each charm held a different memory and when strung together, it told Irma’s life story – a beautiful depiction of who her grandmother was.

The Evolution of Rondel

Finding the bracelet slightly cumbersome to wear, Lindsey dialed in on her fashion expertise to reimagine the charm bracelet as a necklace – more modern and wearable, yet still maintaining deep-seated personalization and sentimental value. In a world encapsulated by social media and fast fashion, Lindsey set out on a mission to call on everyday people around the world to slow down and remember the beauty behind longevity, authenticity and heritage with a new kind of heirloom. And thus, Rondel came to be.


Lindsey carefully designs every Rondel style, charm and locket in hopes that each will symbolize something different to everyone who wears it, sparking connections across communities and cultures. Every Rondel piece also encourages mixing and matching, adding elements or including personal heirlooms to truly build one’s story.

While it all started with Irma, Rondel is not your grandmother’s charm bracelet; however, her story proves that preserving memories and personal journeys through jewelry never goes out of style.

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