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Table Talk with Cara Cara

Sasha Martin, Julia Workman Brown and Katie Hobbs founded Cara Cara in 2019 with friendship, motherhood and the celebration of natural beauty as the foundations of their joyful brand that we are completely obsessed with. After meeting for the first time last summer at a mutual friend’s house, (our past Table Talk guest Joey Wolffer) Rondel founder Lindsey Boyd and Cara Cara’s three radiant founders instantly hit it off. It was a natural gravitation due to their incredible energy, warm personalities and, of course, their super stylish dresses!

We sat down with this powerhouse trio to learn more about where they find inspiration, summer travel plans and more…

The people seated at our Rond table are?

Our girlfriends! The vibrant, smart, incredibly loyal group of colleagues and friends who carried us and inspired us through these first few years.

We started Cara Cara because…

With over 50 years of corporate design, digital strategy and marketing between us we wanted to channel our experience into building an enduring brand we were passionate about and address a void in fashion we felt qualified to fill.

Biggest obstacle we faced when first launching our brand was…

The pandemic! We shipped our first collection mid-March 2020 - right when the world was closing.

We find inspiration most in…

Nature, interiors and travel.

A trend we wish would die is…

We try to tune out trends in general. Fashion should bring you joy and that feeling is timeless!

Summer travel plans we’re most excited about are…

We traveled to St. Tropez in June with our husbands! It feels like an eternity ago now but it was such a magical trip filled with rose soaked lunches, lazy beach days and shopping the markets for inspiration.

Our go-to summer look is…

The Kelly Dress silhouette is such an easy chic silhouette for summer and can pair with flat strap Lu sandals or heels.

Something about us you may not know is…

Something people may not know is that we only hired our first employee less than a year ago - Cara Cara was a very small operation until very, very recently!

Family pass-downs we cherish the most are…

Family pass downs we cherish most are the incredible vintage pieces our mothers have shared with us; many of those bold prints and silhouettes have inspired current Cara Cara styles and pieces we have in development. Lots of billowing skirts, pants and sleeves to come!

Cara Cara style in a word…

Two words - Casual Glamour The Rondel piece that speaks to us is… We love layering our Rondel chains with our other jewels and our favorite charm is the Seashell Charm.

The Rond Table

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