Deconstructing The Rondel - Rondel

Deconstructing The Rondel

An innovative and vital part of the collection is the Rondel – a namesake. Designed to modernize charm-embellished jewelry, this hardware is multifaceted, combining style with function.

Let’s break the Rondel down.

The Rondel is skillfully handcrafted with solid 18 karat gold (750/1000 yellow gold) – in a unique matte finish – by expert artisans using 80% recycled gold granules. Made by hand, no two Rondel is identical which further emphasizes the piece’s unique qualities.

Use Rondels to separate charms and lockets to give each embellishment visibility and a moment of distinction. Versatile in both nature and appearance, Rondels work however you choose. Feature Rondels between every charm, every two charms or bookend a grouping of charms. Easily add, move and remove based on the look you want.

See the Rondel in action here.