Deconstructing The Signature Rollo Chain - Rondel

Deconstructing The Signature Rollo Chain

A timeless and versatile silhouette, the Signature Rollo Chain is a contemporary take on the classic gold chain. Hand-rolled by expert artisans using 18 karat gold in a unique matte finish, this chain is a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship.

Read on as we break this chain down.

Unique in its construction with solid 750/1000 yellow gold, The Signature Rollo Chain boasts a natural oval shape and delicate circle links. Available in the 18” length and the 24” length, the chain is used to create The Yard Sale Necklace (18”), The Irma Necklace (18”) and The Jelina Necklace (24”) styles.

The Signature Rollo Chain features a patented vitreous enamel closure in our Rondel Green that is thoughtfully designed and carefully constructed to keep the chain secure.

The chain is compatible with all Rondel made charms, lockets and accessories, including Rondels, Codas and Charm Hooks. Loop embellishments onto the chain like The Yard Sale Necklace (18”) and The Jelina Necklace (24”), or hook them onto individual chain links for a look similar to The Irma Necklace (18”). 

The Yard Sale Necklace | 18” Signature Rollo Chain with Charms

The Jelina Necklace | 24” Signature Rollo Chain

The Irma Necklace | 18” Signature Rollo Chain

The chain includes a single Signature Gold Coda. This detail gives the chain further versatility – adding texture and dimension, while also keeping any added charms in place. It can be moved and removed as you wish.

See it in action here.