Hot Off The Press: Harper's Bazaar 2021 Trends - Rondel

Hot Off The Press: Harper's Bazaar 2021 Trends

Rondel: A 2021 Jewelry Trend Worth Investing In

Harper’s Bazaar is entering the new year highlighting the jewelry trends that will start you on the right path for 2021. Editor Barry Samaha focuses on the brands to invest in; collections that offer versatile pieces packed with meaning and “good juju”. Included with the “Tokens of Affection”, is Rondel and The Suffolk Jelina Necklace.

Boasting more modern, exaggerated shapes, Rondel features an assortment of charms that are “less cutesy and much chicer.”

Start the year with some sparkle. Check out all five jewelry trends worth investing in at Harper’s Bazaar Online.

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Suffolk Jelina
The Suffolk Jelina Necklace

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