Hot Off The Press: Mi Golondrina Mujeres - Rondel

Hot Off The Press: Mi Golondrina Mujeres

Lindsey Boyd is Mi Golondrina's December Mujer

With a shared focus on high-quality, luxury goods, handmade techniques and a commitment to sustainability, Mi Golondrina and Rondel are both female-founded brands, run by women who work to share – as MG puts it – “timeless beauty” and “traditions of artisan-made” pieces with the world.

MG sat down with Rondel founder Lindsey Boyd to discuss her moves as an entrepreneur, how she changed the laundry game and what inspired her to create a fine jewelry brand. Plus, Lindsey reveals her preferred ways to unwind, what she’s watching/reading/listening to, her favorite childhood scent and more.

Lindsey Boyd - style at home

Read the complete interview with Lindsey on the MG Mujeres Blog.

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