Lindsey Files #12: Plays Well With Others - Rondel

Lindsey Files #12: Plays Well With Others

With the school year now in full swing for our family, my style inspiration is led more and more by the age old saying, "play well with others", mixing and matching and pairing Rondel with other pieces that are important to me. These aren’t always fancy bracelets. Many of them are homemade!

A true maximalist, I always stack bracelets (love a good arm party). You’ll mostly see me wearing my charmed out Rondel Gretta Bracelet mixed with the Cartier bangles my husband has given me for special occasions, pieces I picked up on our travels, and the colorful beaded bracelets my kids make for me. Each one holds a memory or sentiment I want to keep close. I love having them all on me at once! It’s so fun to look down and remember every memory that each bracelet holds.

Because of its matte gold finish, whimsical charms and overscale nature, Rondel effortlessly plays well with others – I haven’t found a combo yet that I'm not obsessed with! I encourage you to have fun layering your Rondel pieces with other styles that depict your story, your style.


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Enamel Organic Heart Charm

Flora Embossed Disc Charm

Diamond Horseshoe Charm

Diamond Trim Disc Charm