Lindsey Files #13: Start Them Young - Rondel

Lindsey Files #13: Start Them Young

One of my favorite parts of Rondel is that each piece is designed to be ever-evolving and grow with you as your story and style evolve. A new added charm can mean the birth of a baby, a graduation, a passion, a wedding date – the list goes on. A gift that Rondel has personally given me is the ability to build an heirloom for my daughter, Chloe. 

We gave Chloe the 18” Signature Rollo Chain with a Block Letter C Charm to start her story on a chain. From there, we have given her a charm to celebrate special occasions. Each represents something unique to her at the current time of her life.

She has the Hollow Giraffe Charm to represent her “lovey” she has had since she was a baby. She has a custom neon orange skateboard charm we gave her on her tenth birthday. She is always skateboarding everywhere (including inside the house) and has inspired me to learn! On the backside, it is engraved with her birthday and the year of her tenth birthday. She has a custom avocado charm – her favorite food in every form. Fun fact, she designed both the skateboard charm and avocado charm. We took her drawing and made it into a Rondel piece.

Every time I see her in the necklace, I just smile thinking how her it is. I can’t wait to see what it becomes. One day, it will be decked out in even more charms that represent big milestones. She loves receiving a new charm and talks about how much she loves revisiting each one’s meaning.

…So start with a chain and build something special.


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