Lindsey Files #14: Horsin’ Around - Rondel

Lindsey Files #14: Horsin’ Around

Raised in upstate New York on a farm, I have been around horses my entire life. As soon as I could walk, I wanted to ride. This hobby grew into a passion, which I have been able to pass down and share with my own daughter, Chloe. She is now a blue ribbon champion!

When I founded Rondel, I wanted to design charms that can represent all walks of life, milestones and interests. The horse motif keeps coming into play for me season after season, because it can symbolize so many different things to so many different people. Here is what these charms mean to me.

Horse Head Charm

I love this leveled horse silhouette. It lays so beautifully, and both sides can be hand-engraved with anything. Maybe someone was born in the year of the horse, so it has a name or initials and a birthdate. Maybe it has a horse’s name or a blue ribbon championship date. The possibilities are endless. Get creative.

Shop the Charm Horse Head Charm - Rondel (

Dimensional Stirrup Charm

One of my favorites! I have never seen a charm like it. It’s three-dimensional and super unique. The bottom can be hand-engraved. I wear one with my Chloe’s horse’s name – Ernie!

Shop the Charm Dimensional Stirrup Charm - Rondel (

Dimensional Horse Charm

One of the pieces from our original collection, this charm is just gorgeous. It’s made with solid 18 karat gold and is beautiful solo or layered in with other charms. I wear mine everyday to symbolize my love of horses. Everytime I see it, it reminds me of my riding days as a child.

Shop the Charm Dimensional Horse Charm - Rondel (

Jade Dimensional Horse Charm

As part of our new hand-carved stone collection, I thought about motifs I wanted to bring back in stone form. I knew almost instantly the Dimensional Horse Charm would be gorgeous in a vibrant green jade, and it did not disappoint! I love how people are rocking it on our colored canvas cords and layering it with other necklaces. Shop the Charm Jade Dimensional Horse Charm - Rondel (

Diamond Encrusted Horseshoe

Who doesn’t love a horseshoe as a symbol of luck and fortune? I wear this charm to keep a little good luck close by. We have this diamond encrusted version, as well as a plain 14 karat gold version.

Shop the Charm Diamond Horseshoe Charm - Rondel (

The Beach Acre

I curated this Yard Sale Necklace Style inspired by the stables in the Hamptons where Chloe learned to ride. Just like the farm and our fond memories there, this necklace is bright, it’s playful and it’s beautiful.

Shop the Style The Beach Acre - Rondel (

The Wellington

This curated Gretta Bracelet style is inspired by the stables at Florida's Lassergut Farms near Palm Beach. It’s where Chloe rides now that we’ve relocated to the Sunshine State. It has some of my favorite motifs and an engravable disc to personalize and make all your own.

Shop the Style The Wellington Gretta Bracelet - Rondel (

Shop all of our charms and lockets or build something tailored to your story with our Build Your Own tool.

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