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Table Talk with Cayli Cavaco Reck

Table Talk with Cayli Cavaco Reck

Guru of "conscious beauty" and all-star entrepreneur Cayli Cavaco Reck made skincare foolproof – and futureproof – by creating Knockout Beauty, a boutique retail and bespoke skincare consultancy company. She is admired for her authentic approach to her business and incredible care for her clients, personally testing and fully understanding every product she sells.

Originally crossing paths at their children’s preschool, Cayli and Rondel founder Lindsey Boyd had a “love at first sight” kind of friendship – the kind when you meet someone and instantly know you will be friends.

After continuing to cross paths both personally and professionally throughout the years, the two are now each other’s biggest supporters; Lindsey a loyal client of Knockout Beauty, and Cayli a Laundress enthusiast and new member of the Rondel community.

Read on for a little Table Talk with our Rond Table Guest, Cayli Cavaco Reck.

My first entrepreneurial experience was…

I am a life long entrepreneur. In the 5th grade I sold wrapping paper from a catalogue that I found in the back of a magazine. I then rolled that money into a business selling rhinestone studded Keds. I was 10.

The people seated at my rond table are…

My husband

My two children

My dad

And our rescue dog, Coal.

I am inspired by…

My daughter. Her consistency, resilience and cheerful demeanor.

I started Knockout Beauty because…

I wanted more guidance as it related to my skincare, and I wanted a place to shop for cruelty free, clean products that were chicer than a health food store which, at the time, was the only place to get products that were not mainstream.

Some products I can’t get enough of right now are…

I am totally obsessed with Medical Beauty Research aka MBR. Lumion is a go-to with all of the mask wearing. Rose MD Blemish and Calming Boosters are keeping my “maskne” in check.

One thing everyone should include in their beauty/skincare routine is…

Toner. Everyone needs to rebalance their skin after cleansing. Many skin issues are solved just by adding toner.

One way I’ve had to pivot my business in current times is…

We had to up our shipping/packaging game and make sure it was branded.

The first thing I do in the morning is… and the last thing I do before bed is...

The first thing I do when I open my eyes is snuggle up to my husband. The last thing I do is take off my glasses, but I often fall asleep and my husband takes them off of me when he comes to bed.

My memoir would be titled…

Facing Forward.



Facing Reality.

A fun quarantine activity we’ve been doing is…

Puzzles are big for us at the moment. We also love a game called Colorku, which is a version of Sudoku. We all love it.

Something about me you may not know is…

Some people sing in the shower. I beat box.

My mantra is…

Don’t look back. We’re not going in that direction.

A family pass-down I cherish the most is…

I have so many, it’s hard to choose.

My story, my style in a word…


The Rondel piece that speaks to me…

The Diamond Vertical SURF Charm, because I met my husband on a surf trip. Surfing literally changed my life.

Cayli's Yard Sale Look


Sun Burst Medallion Charm

Enamel Organic Heart Charm

Organic Heart Charm


18" Signature Rollo Chain

Signature Gold Rondel

Signature Gold Coda