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Table Talk With Gordon Hull

Designer and Rondel Founder Lindsey Boyd teams up with childhood friend and Creative Director & Artist, Gordon Hull for an exclusive collaboration of beautifully-designed solid 14-karat gold pieces. Hull is a brand visionary and expressionist artist amongst many of his contributions and accomplishments across several power house brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tumi and Tory Burch, etc. Boyd's collection of paintings from Hull served as inspiration for the 10 charms that Rondel will release over the next 10 months of 2023. To learn more about Gordon's work, click here.

The inspiration behind some of the charms in this collection is...

They are all inspired by and taken directly from my artwork. All my drawings- in particular the figurative elements- are symbols and metaphors for larger ideas. The plane for example is symbolic of the magic of travel and adventure. I have about 10-12 symbols I use most frequently, and these are what informed the charms. Together or alone they are pieces of a story, the narrative of which is for you to decide.

Some of my inspiration comes from...

My all time favorite artist is Yves Klein. He was so deeply poetic in all of his work- and yet kept everything very simple. He worked with nature- collaborated with it- and the human body. And the elements- fire, water, metals like gold... He worked across mediums but everything was certainly coming from him. A beautifully playful expanse of vision. Art as entertainment as much as anything else. I subscribe to this belief as well. It should make you smile, or wonder. Yves does that for me in a big way.

My favorite place I traveled to is...

Paris will always be my second home. I also love coastal Maine- my cousins have a small island in Penobscot Bay where I spent summers during my childhood. Then there is India, followed closely by Morocco, Japan and Africa.

The item I cannot live without is...


In college I majored in...

I studied at Gallatin at NYU. It's the school of individualized study. I'm basically the poster child for that place. My major was 'Post Modern Millenniumist Theories of Creativity.' Yup. I was (and still am) that guy. Art in all mediums, Experimental Poetry, Film and Photography, Shamanism.

Something about me you may not know is…

I'm not left handed.

Family pass-downs I cherish the most are…

On my mom's side- the Jova family was a famous brick manufacturer that produced many of the ones used in NYC buildings (including McCarren Pool in Williamsburg) and they are now quite rare... marked JJJ or JOVA, I've enjoyed collecting those and I certainly cherish them.

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