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Table Talk with Lulu de Kwiatkowski

New York City native and artist Lulu DK has a wonderfully unique and vibrant aesthetic that is evident in both her work and her life – the result of a colorful upbringing and globetrotting spirit. As the owner of a creative business, Lulu paints and sells her artwork and prints, as well as lends her talents to many of the most renowned brands in luxury textiles, beauty, travel and lifestyle for the masses to enjoy. You can even see her illustration work on Rondel’s website. 

Lindsey has always seen a kindred spirit in Lulu as a mom, as an entrepreneur and as a designer. With her contagious energy and fun style, you can’t help but gravitate towards her! Join us as we dive into a little Table Talk with our Rond Table guest, Lulu de Kwiatkowski.


My first artistic experience was…

Drawing beside my older sister at a very young age and realizing that I could also draw quite well. I drew 2 portraits in pencil and then added bright red lips on one and bright blue eyes on the other. They were the first decent and comprehensive creations I had ever made, and they made me excited to continue drawing and painting.

I knew I wanted to be an artist when…

I added the blue and red lips to my portraits above .

My favorite artistic medium is…

Water-based paint, Liquitex Acrylic mixed with white flat house paint (BM Atrium White), to be exact.

My greatest source of inspiration is…

Nature 100%. My mother was also a huge source of inspiration; she had incredible style and taste.

The biggest obstacle I’ve faced is…

Creating designs that I love vs. creating designs that will sell. It is always a fine line.

The people seated at my rond table are… 

Alfredo, my Italian husband from Rome. Francesco and Matteo, my 13-year-old twins, and number 3, Pier Giorgio, 11 years old. All boys!

My favorite LULU DK collaboration is… 

With Quadrille Fabrics and Wallpaper, who I just started creating a whole new line of fabrics and wallpapers with.

If I were a color, I’d be…

Surprisingly, creamy white (so I could mix with everything well).

My 2022 resolution is…

Not working out too well for me!

Something not many people know about me is…

Unfortunately, I am WAY too open!

A family pass-down I cherish the most is… 

Making Christmas cookies with my kids. I am the youngest of six children, and my mom used to give us each a bowl and a tray and all the ingredients, including candy decorations…One big kitchen with 6 creative kids and a lot of cookies. What more could you ask for!

The thing I can’t wait to do when the world is back to normal is…

Easier travel.

The words I live by…

Kindness, open-mindedness, optimism.

My story, my style in a word…


The Rondel piece that speaks to me…

I LOVE all the little Rondels that are added to each necklace. Great idea.

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