What’s with the Camo? - Rondel

What’s with the Camo?

First off, Lindsey, the Rondel founder, loves camo. From apparel to handbags to home decor, camo is a major part of Lindsey’s textile repertoire. Initially interested in incorporating the print mainly for aesthetic purposes, the design and production processes forced Lindsey and the Rondel team to look deeper. This led to a discovery – a realization that the camo design beautifully aligns with the Rondel mission and story.

Originally manufactured as a way to camouflage, hide or blend into the surroundings, the pattern in the fashion world is to use it as a way to stand out. The juxtaposition of hiding versus revealing is something that Lindsey was drawn to, so… she created her own Rondel camo!

Rondel Camo Packaging

Look closely and you’ll see an artful combination of shapes from Irma’s original charm collection mixed with the forms of Lindsey’s own hand-drawn charms. The combination reveals Lindsey’s story, her heritage + her own journey, hidden within the pattern.

A cow represents the family’s upstate New York farm (in the family for generations!), while a horse symbolizes a passion for horseback riding. The heart signifies a milestone anniversary, an evil eye for good luck, the flower symbolizes Lindsey’s obsession with florals and a round oval shape denotes a locket that holds an important photo.

What shapes do you see?

Just as a closer look at the Rondel Camo unfolds shapes and – with that – stories, a similar phenomenon happens with each Rondel necklace and bracelet. At first glance, the beholder sees a stunning piece of jewelry. Look more closely and see the hidden meaning in each charm and locket; admire the 18 karat gold and its matte finish, the vibrant vitreous enamel, the brilliant diamonds and gemstones… the list goes on. Beyond the physical beautiful, it’s impossible not to ask, “why that charm?” or “what does the shape mean?” A shape is a person, a color denotes a memory and the hand-engraving, an emotion. Every charm means something. When strung together, the pieces reveal a story. Just like the camo.