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The Savanna
The Savanna
The Savanna
The Savanna
The Savanna

The Savanna
Yard Sale Necklace

Handcrafted, 18 karat gold curated Yard Sale Necklace with 18" Signature Rollo Chain, pave diamonds and vitreous enamel detail.

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designer's notes

A curated style, The Savanna Yard Sale Necklace is inspired by the elephant and its many symbolic meanings, such as grace, strength, longevity and good fortune. Handcrafted with 18 karat gold, this necklace includes the hand-rolled 18" Signature Rollo Chain embellished with four Signature Gold Rondels that separate the Enamel Elephant Charm, the Pave Diamond Trim Oval Charm and the Flora Charm. Personalize with hand-engraved messages, important dates, initials or names.

details and dimensions

18" Signature Rollo Chain
4 Signature Gold Rondels: 5mm x 8mm
Enamel Elephant Charm: 25mm x 24mm x 8mm
Pave Diamond Trim Oval Charm: 19mm X 26mm
Flora Charm: 23mm x 25mm

Patented vitreous enamel Rondel Closure

Yellow Gold 750/1000

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