The Organic Heart - Rondel
The Organic Heart
The Organic Heart

The Organic Heart
Ariana Necklace

Handcrafted, 18 karat gold curated Ariana Necklace with 16" Relier Link Necklace with vitreous enamel accentsand gold, asymmetrical heart charm.

designer's notes

A curated style, The Organic Heart Ariana Necklace boasts a stunning, solo heart of gold -- a symbol of love and romance. Handcrafted with 18 karat gold and hand-poured, high-gloss vitreous enamel, this necklace features the hand-rolled 16" Relier Link Necklace adorned with a standalone Organic Heart Charm. Personalize with hand-engraved messages, important dates, initials or names.

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