The Perfect Bead Necklace - Rondel
beaded tan string necklace with assorted stones and charms
woman wearing 2 beaded bracelets, beaded necklace, and gold charm necklace
assorted stone charms and styled necklace sitting on green counter
woman in green shirt wearing gold tennis racquet charmed necklace and assorted beaded necklace on a string
assorted beads

The Perfect Bead Necklace

Cotton string necklace adorned with handcarved Stone Charms and Beads.

designer's notes

A curated style, the Perfect Bead Necklace features 60 hand-carved stone beads on a 100% cotton cord necklace with 18k gold tips. Adorned with five hand-carved stone charms including the Jade Dimensional Horse Charm, Opal Flora Charm, Lapis Heart Charm, Quartz Heart Charm and Dimensional Mushroom Charm.

details and dimensions

32" Cotton Necklace

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