2021 Summer Styles & New Arrivals - Rondel

2021 Summer Styles & New Arrivals

Less Clothing, More Jewelry

Get ready for a charmed summer with new charms and freshly picked looks.

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Discover the newest additions to the Rondel lineup.

Vertical NEW YORK Charm

Vertical PARIS Charm

Vertical LONDON Charm

Vertical HAMPTONS Charm

Vertical MYKONOS Charm

Vertical MEXICO Charm

Petite Disc Charm 


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Brighter Days Ahead

Wear “happy” with colorful shapes.


Shop The Garden Party Yard Sale Necklace.

Coastal Calling

Because seashells and pearls are neutrals.


Shop The Low Tide Yard Sale Necklace.

Summer Lovin’

Wear your heart on your sleeve.


Shop The Amant Gretta Bracelet.

The Great Outdoors

Goes anywhere, with anything.


Be adventurous. Build Your Own look.

Cool Poolside Colors

The best bikini accessories.


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