Lindsey Files #9: Gym Junkie Gems - Rondel

Lindsey Files #9: Gym Junkie Gems

To wear or not to wear jewelry at the gym? The age-old question. The answer is, it depends on the materials! A lot of fashion jewelry uses plated rhodium that can tarnish when exposed to water, sweat or heat. Silver is also a metal that requires upkeep and needs polishing. I have found that gold seems to keep best when exposed to the elements. The purer the gold, the better it holds up!

During quarantine, I am living in workout clothes. From beach days to spin classes to school drop offs, I am often in some form of athleisure and always accessorize. The juxtaposition of gold charm jewelry and workout wear is so chic – especially on black! Rondel jewelry is made with 18 karat gold, so I feel confident wearing my Rondel pieces knowing they won’t tarnish or discolor. Just remember to give it a good dry off post sweat/pool/beach session with a clean cloth.

Who says you can’t elevate your gym look?


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