Deconstructing the Charm Hook - Rondel

Deconstructing the Charm Hook

While developing Rondel and the collection itself, it was important to Lindsey to create pieces that were versatile and could stand the test of time… down to the look and function of the Charm Hooks! Carefully thought out, this detail is designed with mechanics that allow your story on a chain to grow and change with you.

Charm Assortment

Charm Hooks double as closures. Add charms and lockets, remove them or move them around. As your journey unfolds, your story and style evolve. Create, style and revise to build new looks. The ease and style of the Charm Hooks create an adaptability that is unique to Rondel.

To unfasten, gently pull the Charm Hook’s closure to hinge open slightly, keeping its natural round shape. Unhook from the chain or hook into the chain where desired and click closed to fasten.