Lindsey Files #3: The Motherload - Rondel

Lindsey Files #3: The Motherload

I always love hearing from clients, followers and fans. Learning of people’s stories and turning them into beautiful jewelry pieces is my favorite part about Rondel. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my own personal piece that can be seen on our Instagram feed and our website’s Our Founder page. Paired with my Julia-style necklace that features the 24” Relier Link Necklace and my favorite Caged Heart Charm, my Yard Sale Necklace has many charms that embody my style and, together, tell my own story. I lovingly call this look “the motherload” for obvious reasons. I love when the chain is really decked out – it’s so chic! While sometimes I may remove and move some charms around to create a new style, this full version is definitely my favorite!

First thing’s first, The Yard Sale Necklace starts with the hand-rolled 18” Signature Rollo Chain. I can’t emphasize enough how stunning our chains are. They are of such fine quality – substantial in weight and size in comparison with other jewelry brands. Sometimes I will even rock the chain solo with a single Rondel or Coda for a more minimal look, or wear as a stunning layering piece.

The charms are how you make your necklace or bracelet unique to you. I love to see clients start with a chain and one or two charms, and then add on to mark milestones, celebrations, holidays and more.

My necklace includes a Seashell Charm to mark my love for the beach and my two favorite places (that I also call home): Shelter Island, NY and Miami, FL.

The Dimensional Horse Charm and Diamond Horseshoe Charm represent my love for horses and my daughter who is an avid horseback rider. I also grew up riding horses on my grandparents’ horse farm in New Jersey!

My center charm is a Diamond Trim Disc Charm engraved with the initials of my husband and children: “J” for Jeff, “C” for Chloe and “W” for William.

I have a Camo Enamel Organic Heart Charm to represent Rondel, my dream that is now a reality. Since I was eight-years-old – creating hole punch earrings and selling them in my mom’s store – I wanted to have my own jewelry line. I love to keep this charm and the significance it holds close to remember that hard work truly pays off.

The Victorian Oval Locket holds old family photos. I love its antique look and intricate structural details. It’s engraved with my own initials in script.

The Baroque Pearl Charm is one of my favorite charms. I love the beauty of natural pearls, and how every pearl is different. Just a note, add some charms because you like them! Rondel is about creating something that really represents you and your style – not just your story. Not every element has to mean something.

The Yellow Agate Giraffe Charm makes me think of my son who loves animals. Giraffes have always been one of his favorites.

The Diamond Letter Scalloped Heart Charm has a pave diamond “L” for Lindsey. I am obsessed with hearts. I love the shape and, of course, what hearts signify. This is a great piece to engrave on the back.

Add Rondels to separate the charms. I like to not space out every single charm. As you can see, some sit together.

Explore and build your own “motherload” with our Build Your Own tool. I also love to personally help bring a vision to life. Email us at I can help you design a piece, create a custom charm or incorporate your own vintage charms and heirlooms.