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Deconstructing The Yard Sale Necklace

Inspired by the spirit of discovery and excitement Lindsey felt at yard sales she visited as a child alongside her mother and grandmother, The Yard Sale Necklace is designed to be just that – a trove of hidden treasures; a collection of things you end up with and can’t seem to live without but didn’t initially come to buy.

This particular necklace style stems from Lindsey’s love of charm-embellished jewelry and its storytelling abilities. Read on as we break this style down.

Rollo Chain

It all starts with the 18” Signature Rollo Chain… the blank page on which you will build your story. Hand-rolled with 18 karat gold, this chain is complete with a patented closure decorated with hand-poured, high-gloss vitreous enamel in the rich Rondel Green.

Build Your Own Story

Fill your chain with hand-drawn charms and lockets. Add now or later to celebrate your journey, people you love or cherished moments and milestones. Move and remove elements as your story unfolds and create new looks to reflect your ever-evolving style.

Yardsale - Detail

Incorporate Rondels between charms to separate and give each a moment. Rondels modernize charm-embellished jewelry and make it easier to wear.

The result…

Styled Yardsale

A necklace that reflects you, your story and your style.

Shop the curated collection of Yard Sale styles or build your own.