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The Lindsey Files #2: Engraved

I am obsessed with engraving. It’s amazing how the simple addition of personalization turns any item into a beautiful gesture. Whether it’s a bag, a blanket or, in this case, fine jewelry, the special touch of an embroidered monogram or an engraved name says, “This was hand-picked and made for you.”

While conceptualizing Rondel, I felt that it was important to include hand-engraving… everywhere. Done by hand, engraving is a way to make a charm or locket truly unique to its wearer while adding a loving sentiment that someone can wear and carry around with them.

This look started with the 24” Relier Link Necklace and a single Diamond Trim Disc Charm, hand-engraved with my husband’s and children’s first initials in the modern type in script font.

Then, feeling inspired, I added on…

… The Baroque Pearl Charm and Organic Heart Charm, hand-engraved with Amour in the full name option in script font.

Engraving for Personalization

Then… added a little color and sparkle with the Diamond Letter Scalloped Heart Charm and the Enamel Flora Charm in Rose.

Engraving Assembled Necklace

Happy personalizing!

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