Inside the Bespoke Studio - Rondel

Inside the Bespoke Studio

Welcome to the Rondel Bespoke Studio – an atelier atmosphere and creative outlet that empowers clients to express your story, your style through collaborative customization. Whether you are creating something for yourself or for someone special, our experts are on hand to create something one-of-a-kind.


Rondelize. Verb. To reimagine an existing piece to add to your new heirloom. From a vintage treasure to a family pass down to an existing charm, our experts will find a way to beautifully incorporate a personal piece.

A client’s antique pendant, given to her by her mother.



Develop a charm from scratch, source an enamel color for an existing charm in the Rondel collection and more. The sky is the limit!

Custom enamel avocado and skateboard charms for a very special daughter.

Custom diamond encrusted, vertical RAD charm and Enamel Flora Charm in custom green for a best friend's necklace.


Custom Engraving

We practice hand-engraving techniques, an art that allows for incredible personalization. Include a wedding monogram, a family crest, a logo, a special message or an important date.


A client’s family monogram, engraved into the Diamond Trim Disc Charm.



Build Your Own Rondel necklace or bracelet alongside founder and designer Lindsey.

A pair of Yard Sale Necklace styles curated by Lindsey.


No matter where you are in the creative process, email to begin the design process.

Know what you want? Shop Rondel and curated styles or Build Your Own necklace or bracelet.