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Deconstructing The Irma Necklace

Influenced by Lindsey’s grandmother and her vintage charm collection, The Irma Necklace is designed to be wearable and versatile while holding the sentimental significance of an heirloom. Irma is the main source of inspiration for Rondel in its entirety – an effortlessly stylish matriarch who instilled in her family the importance of family and tradition.

Let’s break this style down…


It all starts with the 18” Signature Rollo Chain… the blank page by which you will build your story. Hand-rolled with 18 karat gold, this chain is complete with a patented closure decorated with hand-poured, high-gloss vitreous enamel in the rich Rondel Green.


The Irma Necklace features each charm fixed onto the chain links. Explore charms.

A one-of-a-kind necklace that beautifully embodies you and represents your life.

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