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Making Magic

The Rondel Jewelry Creation Process

Yes, beautiful in appearance, but also beautiful in practice. Every Rondel chain, charm, locket and accessory is made in a small, artisan studio in Europe, crafted entirely by the hands of Ustas, which translates to “masters” in Turkish. This specialty studio not only produces incredible jewelry, but it also takes pride in the protection of history as it pertains to jewelry making. In a world where most jewelry is made by the masses in China, Rondel is dedicated to honoring the craftsmanship and ancient art form of jewelry made by hand. 

We were inspired by the skill and dedication that goes into the making of each element; a training that has been preserved for generations. Read on for a look inside the studio and see how your Rondel piece is really made.

Made by hand doesn’t just apply to the jewelry makers. All charms and lockets are hand-drawn by Rondel’s founder, Lindsey Boyd, in her studio. As soon as inspiration hits, Lindsey puts pen to paper to sketch out the shapes and outline any details, colors, stones and mechanics of every piece.

From there, the sketches are sent to Europe to take form…

All items are made with 18 karat gold – of which 80% is derived from recycled gold granules - in a unique matte finish and carefully assembled using hand tools and attention to detail…

Chains are hand-rolled and adjustable.

The colorful enamel jewelry is made using a technique called vitreous enamel, an ancient process that consists of the below:

  1. Raw minerals are ground into a fine powder and combined with other materials to produce a desired color.
  2. The colorful powder is evenly applied by hand to the gold jewelry and heated to an extreme temperature of 2000˚ F – 2400˚ F until molten glass forms. This technique only works on pure gold of 18 karat quality or higher.
  3. Additional application steps are required until the enamel is flush with the gold.
  4. The item is polished to achieve the enamel’s gorgeous, shiny appearance.

All Rondel jewelry utilizes the highest quality materials, including brilliant, non-conflict diamonds, ethically-sourced semi-precious and precious stones and the finest mindfully-sourced gemstones. Stones are all added to the jewelry by hand.

We love personalization and feature engraving on many Rondel charms and lockets. Engraving is completely done by hand, creating a unique, custom aesthetic.  

When the craft is as beautiful as the product itself, it’s impossible to look at Rondel jewelry without an enthusiastic level of appreciation for the item and a sense of pride in wearing it. Every Rondel chain, charm, locket and accessory is a product of quality – something of style and meaning that begins on paper, is crafted by hand and can be worn, loved and passed down for generations to come.

Shop the collection and create your new heirloom.

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