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The Lindsey Files #1: All About Layers

I’m all about the layers – layers on layers on layers. Whether it’s adding a cardigan over a tank or layering jewelry, I have always been a little over the top.

You will probably learn fairly quickly that I’m obsessed with layering. It’s something that I mastered at a young age. A true child of the 80’s, I always sported bangles, oversized chains and leggings… just to a name a few trends – anything Cindy Lauper and Madonna were wearing, I would emulate!

I guess you could say that I am a fan of the “more is more” look. When it comes to Rondel jewelry, there is no such thing as too much. A loaded necklace or bracelet is a treasure trove. At first glance, it’s a stunning charm-embellished accessory. Up close, you can sift through and explore each charm and locket and discover the stories behind them. 

Here, I layered two curated styles: The Aventurier Yard Sale Necklace and The Lovelock Julia Necklace. These sit together perfectly; the mixture of chains is stunning; the contrast of the loaded style with the standalone pendant style, gorgeous.

One of my favorite things about Rondel is that everything – every chain, charm and locket – looks gorgeous against the skin or with any type or style of clothing, even over a simple white t-shirt. As you can see, this combo really steps up an outfit.

Go forth. Explore, mix, match, layer. The more Rondel the better!

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